2021 Best Earbuds For Running That Won’t Fall Out

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The Winners

The Winners

How We Reviewed Each Earbud

You’ve made a shortlist of earphones, and now you have to figure out which one to get. Here’s a list of criteria that you can use to find the best earphones for you.

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IPX Waterproof Rating Guide

Can your earphones survive a strong rain shower, or accidentally falling into a puddle? Check its International Protection Rating, which verifies how its casings and electronic enclosures can keep out the elements.

  • IPX 1 – safe from condensation and vertically falling water
  • IPX 2 – safe from water hitting it at 15 degrees
  • IPX 3 – safe from water hitting it at 60 degrees
  • IPX 4 – safe from water splashing it from any angle
  • IPX 5 –  safe from low-pressure water stream
  • IPX 6 – safe from high-pressure water stream
  • IPX 7 – can be safely immersed in water for 30 minutes
  • IPX 8 – can be safely submerged in water continuously


Sports earphones aren’t cheap, so it’s frustrating (and expensive) to see them break after just a few months of use. The best brands are built to take the wear-and-tear of constant movement and are even certified shock-proof.


Training for a marathon? You’ll want earphones that will last as long as your workouts. Look at the actual hours of continuous listening after just one charge. Some manufacturers may claim that batteries can last for 24 hours, but that may refer to the combined playing time before you have to recharge the portable charging case.

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One-Ear Listening

Sometimes, you’ll need to take off one earbud so you can be more aware of your surroundings. This could be for safety reasons, like running on a busy road or late at night, or if you want to be able to talk with your running buddies. The best running earphones can give you good audio quality whether you’re using one or two buds.  

Sizes and Adjustability

This is the most important criteria when you’re looking for the best Bluetooth earbuds for running that won’t fall out.

Just like running shoes, they fit perfectly and are so comfortable that you almost forget that you’re wearing them. You can switch out the buds for the right size, or adjust the ear hooks or any attachments that help hold them in place.

A good fit can also improve sound quality, as it creates a seal that cancels out background noise.

Sound Quality

Small, wireless earphones need to use special codecs (shorthand for compression/decompression) which make audio small enough for fast wireless transmission. Cheaper earphones will lose a lot of the sound quality, but the best ones use higher data rates that require less compression—and retain more of the original sound.

You also need to check which codecs are compatible with your device. If it’s an Apple, your earbuds need to support SBC and AAC. If it’s an Android, it can work with almost every codec (SBC, LDAC, AAC, aptX, and aptX HD).

Ambient Sound

Basically, this is how much of the environmental noise you’ll hear while wearing your earphones. Ideally, you should be able to adjust this according to your needs and situation. You may want the ability to block all noise when you’re running on a treadmill, and then shift to Ambient Mode when you’re running on a busy street.

With these criteria, you can find the best wireless earphones for your needs, budget, and preferences. 

Jabra Elite Active 85t


The Jabra offers high sound quality, a customizable listening experience, comfort and durability. And if you like to run outdoors, it allows one-ear listening, and withstands rain and sweat

Bose Soundsport Free


These are one of the best earbuds for running that won’t fall out. You’ll have to do some serious head-banging—and possibly get a bad case of vertigo— to shake them off.

Apple Powerbeats Pro


Apple designed these earphones to stay in place during any workout: a secure slim fit, ear hooks to keep them in place, and long battery life.

Bang & Olufsen B8 Sport


If you’re on a budget, these wireless earphones can give a decent listening experience, and the ability to hear background noise for a safer run.

Apple AirPods Pro


If music quality is important to you, then the Apple AirPods Pro may be a better choice than the Apple PowerBeats Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+


These Bluetooth earphones give solid, all-around performance at a relatively affordable price. It also has one of the best apps to give you more control and convenience.

Raycon The Performer E55


These earphones are really good for heavy-bass music. Turn up the volume and get pumped for your next run.

Jaybird Vista


You can’t find a more durable pair of earphones—you could drop them into a puddle and leave them there, and they’ll be fine. The wing and ear tips also keep them secure, even if you’re sprinting or even doing somersaults.

MiFo O5 Plus Gen 2


Despite being less than $100, these earbuds boast of having one of the best batteries and most waterproof casings.

2021 Best Earbuds For Running That Won\'t Fall Out

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