7 Best Ways To Carry Your Phone While You Run

While running you need a safe, secure place to stash your phone when you run. You also need access to your phone without forcing your body into a contorted pretzel.

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Here are seven ways to carry your phone while you run, safely and securely:

  1. Xilery Pocket Sports Bra
  2. Flipbelt Classic Premium Running Belt
  3. AiRun Tech Hydration Running Belt
  4. VUP Running Armband
  5. BALEAF Women’s/Men’s Compression Running Shorts/Pants With Side Pocket
  6. Nathan Handheld Waterbottle/Phone Carrier
  7. Nathan Men’s/Women’s Hydration Pack

1. Xilery Pocket Sports Bra

Xilery Pocket Sports Bra

Yeti Tumbler 2

  • Comfort: Good level of comfort for women, with soft, stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric and plenty of support. Plenty of size options and doesn’t add an accessory you have to remember to pick up before leaving the house.
  • Size Of Phone Holder: Hard to tell from pictures but looks generous enough for most smartphones to fit into with ease, and the fabric has some stretch to allow for larger phones.
  • Ease Of Access To Phone: Poor, as you will have to reach behind you, possibly under other clothing, to get to your phone. Good if you want to listen to music while running, but otherwise not accessible.
  • Waterproof Protection: Low. The fabric is moisture-wicking but has no protection from rain, sweat, etc., so this is not going to stop your phone from getting wet.
  • Durability: Good, as the bra is made from stretchy fabric and unlikely to undergo major amounts of stress while you exercise.

The Xilery Pocket Sports Bra (Amazon Link) offers a unique way to transport your phone while running. It’s perfect for any woman who wants her phone nearby so she can listen to music, but doesn’t need to use it while she’s exercising.

However, it’s not easy to grab your phone if you just want to check a text or change track. If you are working out with a t-shirt or tank top over your sports bra, it makes it even harder to get hold of. Therefore, this is good for passive phone users but doesn’t allow for easy access.

2. Flipbelt Classic Premium Running Belt


  • Comfort: Good, with no buttons, clips, buckles, or clasps to chafe or cause potential injuries.
  • Size Of Phone Holder: Stretchy fabric means pretty much any smartphone should fit.
  • Ease Of Access To Phone: Good; the fabric of the belt just flips over the top, meaning the phone will stay in place while you’re exercising, but you can easily get it out whenever you want it.
  • Waterproof Protection: No waterproofing, but the fabric does wick moisture, which may help to protect your phone to some degree.
  • Durability: Machine washable stretchy fabric should last well, and it is a thicker fabric than many similar products, boosting its durability.

The Flipbelt (Amazon Link) is a great unisex option for any sports enthusiast. It gives you space to store not only your phone while you’re running, but any other similarly sized objects too.

If you want some cash for a mid-run coffee, or you’ve got other gadgets you want to take along, there are four stretchy pockets you can tuck your gear into.

The Flipbelt gets lots of good reviews for comfort and usefulness and is probably one of the best ways to have easy access to your phone while running.

3. AiRunTech Hydration Running Belt

AiRun Tech Hydration belt

  • Comfort: Anti-slip technology makes this great to wear while exercising, as the belt will stay comfortably in place around your waist and not bounce around. Adjustable, so you can get the perfect fit.
  • Size Of Phone Holder: Stretchy fabric so should fit almost any smartphone. It measures 6.5 inches.
  • Ease Of Access To Phone: Great, as your smartphone is just slotted into a securely zipped pocket at the front of the belt; you can take it out any time without having to reach underclothes, etc. It also has a hole for headphones to be threaded through, meaning you can listen to music easily.
  • Waterproof Protection: Nothing mentioned about waterproofing in the brand details, so unlikely to offer much protection for a phone – which might be particularly relevant if you are also carrying bottled water in the pouch.
  • Durability: Many reviews praise the belt’s high-quality material, so it should last well.

The AiRunTech Hydration Running Belt (Amazon Link) is ideal for runners and cyclists. It lets you carry water – a must when doing strenuous exercise – and plenty of other little things, such as credit cards, ID, phones, snacks, etc.

It doesn’t offer massive amounts of space, but it is enough to be very useful, and many reviews comment that they can hardly feel they are wearing the belt, even when it’s full!

If you’re carrying water bottles in it, you may find that the belt isn’t very comfortable to do other sports, such as yoga, in. However, for runners, joggers, cyclists, etc., it’s the perfect solution to carrying your phone and water, and anything else you need!

VUP Running Armband

VUP Arm Band

  • Comfort: The breathable and soft fabric will stay comfortable even if you’re getting hot and sweaty, and the manufacturer has added an extra fabric layer to reduce the problems associated with sweat.
  • Size Of Phone Holder: It’s compatible with 4-6.7” smartphones, including Android and some iPhones. Their description offers a full list of compatible phones.
  • Ease Of Access To Phone: Great; it is almost like holding it but leaves your hands free. No need to do anything but raise your arm.
  • Waterproof Protection: There’s nothing that will protect your phone from water damage.
  • Durability: The stretch-resistant silicone should last well, better than standard elastic, making this a very durable product.

The VUP Running Armband (Amazon Link) is perfect for exercise enthusiasts who want their phones to hand at all times. If you use your phone for instruction videos, timers, stopwatches, etc., this is the ideal piece of kit for freeing up your hands without reducing your ability to use your phone as much as you need to.

It won’t protect your phone as well as some of the other options, but it is a good choice if you need ready access to your phone.

Tribe Armband – If you don’t need one that rotates 360 degrees.

Tribe Arm Band (Amazon Link)

BALEAF Women’s Compression Shorts With Side Pocket

Baleaf Women’s Compression Shorts With Side Pocket

  • Comfort: Stretchy elastane with ergonomic seams, these should be a very comfortable fit, and have 4-way stretch technology so that you can move in any direction while working out.
  • Size Of Phone Holder: They don’t advertise the size of their pockets, but reviews talk about a number of different phones which fit, and the stretchy fabric should accommodate most models.
  • Ease Of Access To Phone: As simple as taking it out of your pocket in a normal pair of pants.
  • Waterproof Protection: Apart from moisture-wicking fabric, minimal waterproof protection.
  • Durability: They get good reviews for being quality fabric, and the stretchiness should reduce the stress on the material, but durability remains a bit of a question mark.

The BALEAF Women’s Compression Shorts (Amazon Link) are ideal for anyone who wants to work out with minimal gear. They give you quick and easy access to your phone (and have a hidden back pocket for cards or cash), but they don’t require you to carry any extra belts, bags, wrist straps, etc.


BALEAF Women’s Compression Pants (Amazon Link)

BALEAF Women’s Compression Shorts (Amazon Link)

BALEAF Men’s Compression Pants (Amazon Link)

BALEAF Men’s Compression Shorts (Amazon Link)

NATHAN Handheld Water Bottle/Phone Carrier

NATHAN Handheld Water Bottle/Phone Carrier

  • Comfort: Neoprene grip with a thumb hole gives you plenty of security without you having to actively hold the product.
  • Size Of Phone Holder: Not stated, but several reviews said it would not hold their larger phone or struggled to hold a phone in its case.
  • Ease Of Access To Phone: Great, as the plastic cover allows you to look at and use your phone simply by raising your hand.
  • Waterproof Protection: Plastic window should keep your phone dry even in the rain, though question marks were raised about the water bottle leaking and soaking the phone pocket.
  • Durability: Neoprene is usually hard-wearing and durable, and the product should last well under normal use conditions.

If you’re someone who’s already carrying a water bottle, this NATHAN Handheld Carrier (Amazon Link) is the perfect product for you. It allows you to combine your phone with your bottle, and increases the ease of carrying for both with a handy neoprene carrying case.

You can simply slip it on over your hand, guide your thumb through the thumb hole, and you’ll have no difficulty carrying and accessing both your phone and a cool drink. Reviews say the plastic cover for the phone doesn’t disrupt use at all, which is great.

NATHAN Men’s/Women’s Hydration Pack

NATHAN Men’s Hydration Pack

NATHAN Women’s Hydration Pack

  • Comfort: Lightweight, with breathable materials designed to provide a snug fit and minimize movement/chafing, this should be comfortable to wear even for extended periods of exercise.
  • Size Of Phone Holder: The side pocket is made of stretchy mesh and should fit most smartphones with ease.
  • Ease Of Access To Phone: You will have to reach around to the side and pull it out of the pocket, but the phone is still reasonably accessible.
  • Waterproof Protection: The mesh storage pocket won’t really offer any waterproof protection to your phone.
  • Durability: Made of high-quality materials, the running vest should last well, and the minimized movement will avoid stressing the fabric, as well as reducing chafing.

Perfect for high-intensity exercise because it offers increased access to water, this NATHAN Men’s Hydration Pack (Amazon Link) or NATHAN Women’s Hydration Pack (Amazon Link) is a great way to have your phone to hand during a long workout session.

It doesn’t offer the same level of access as some of the other products, however, but the convenience of more water and a very well-designed pack will probably be reasonable pay-offs for those who are doing high-level exercise, such as marathons.

For a more detailed review of the best hydration water packs for half marathon or marathon races, including budget choices, check out:

Best Hydration Water Packs For Half Marathon or Marathon Races

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7 Best Ways To Carry Your Phone While You Run

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