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Full Disclosure: I only recommend products that I have actually purchased and get some sort of utility out of the product. All of the pictures of the products are my pictures of the actual purchased products. This post includes affiliate links for which, LERK Publishing, LLC., may make a small commission at no extra cost to you should you make a purchase.

Garmin 235

This watch is one of my favorite running devices. I wear it everywhere. In the pool, snowboarding, in the shower. I have owned this watch for over two doesn't fail!

The 365-Running Journal - closed
The 365-Running Journal - open

The 365 Day Running Journal

This little 5 x 7 inch running journal is a great motivator for running! you can check your progress, see how many miles you've run, or simply seek inspiration from your previous runs. Get a paperback copy today!

JayBird Vistas

Jaybird Vistas

These are hands down the best Bluetooth ear pods I've ever owned. The battery life is amazing (60% charge remaining after a 3 hour run). I've ran with these things through 2 hours of moderate rain and sweated profusely. These are music heavy ear bud beasts. These don't move around even after my strength training sessions, cross training, or long runs. I also like the flexibility of only having to put it one ear pod so that I can have the other ear listening for surrounding dangers while running. A must have for runners who listen to music, podcasts, etc. while running!

Apple Airpods 2 / Apple Airpods Pro

If you're an iPhone user you'll need these for sure. Apple did a great redesign on the Airpods 2 and the Pros are a more compact fitting earbud altogether.

Full Spectrum Hemp Balm

This is the only CBD product I use. Whenever my calf muscles  are feeling stiff and tight I rub a small amount of CBD hemp balm on my calves and within minutes my legs feel less tight and more relaxed. My wife also uses this on her temples for her migraines and she says it makes the migraines almost non-existent. This is a high quality product that I'm proud to promote!

Brooks Ghost 11 Running Shoes
Brooks Ghost 12

Brooks - Ghost 12

I used to run in Nike FreeRN for years but I recently switched to Brooks shoes. Specifically, the Ghost series are for larger runners with are a super cushioned sole. I can't begin to tell you how comfortable these shoes are especially on long runs. Try them out! They are superior running shoes! Road Runner Sports offers 90 day returns on USED and NEW shoes if you're a VIP Member! Are you wondering when to retire running shoes? If the shoe doesn't work out for you - return it! Check it out by clicking below:

Trigger Point Foam Massage Ball

Trigger Point Foam Massage Ball

I use this massage ball all the time on tight spots in my legs and upper gluteus maximus. It's easily transportable so I can take it with me when I travel. Check out my detailed review here.

Huma Energy Gels

Huma Energy Gels

These are my favorite energy gels. They provide a good boost of energy on your long runs plus they are as close to natural ingredients as you can get in an energy gel. They are also gluten free and vegan friendly. Check out my complete Energy Gel Review Here.

Body Glide - Anti Chafe

Body Glide

This can literally save your skin when you have a lot of miles to cover. I wear this every run over 8 miles. Apply to inner thighs and other areas where the chafe might rear its red rash.

Balega Energy Socks

Balega Socks

If there were a perfect sock this would be it. I have been wearing these socks for over four years. No sweaty feet and no blisters. Enough said.

Yeti Rambler

Yeti Rambler - custom embroidery

YETI Coolers

Nothing beats an ice cold drink after a hard run. YETIS are the most durable cooler on the market!


Tough Head wear Helmet Liner Skull Cap

This is my go to skull cap for cold winter running. It easily wicks away sweat and is easily collapsible and stored in your pocket.

Should You Wear Compression Socks For A Half Marathon (3)

Compression Socks (Mens/Womens)

I ran my 12th half marathon with compression socks. The compression socks actually did help my calf muscles feel less sore. I wore them for the remainder of the day. 

Should You Wear Compression Socks For A Half Marathon (3)

Compression Socks (Womens)

These compression socks tend to be much more widely popular with women.


Strength Training - Body Weight Card Deck

My favorite way to change up my weekly strength training sessions.

1. Shuffle Cards

2. Select 15 cards

3. Start workout!

Leuchttrum 1917

I use this as my journal for running goals, life goals, and my gratitude journal. These are referred to as BuJos (Bullet Journals). I use this everyday!

Staedtler Ink Pens

These pens don't bleed and don't dry out. I use these to write in my bullet journal listed above. I've had the same set for over 2 years and they still haven't run out of ink.

Lock Laces


This is my 6th pair of locklaces. As soon as I buy a new pair of running shoes I purchase new locklaces. Don't ever let a run go south because of your untied shoe laces.

CooYoo Gloves

CooYoo Gloves

These gloves help keep my hands warm in the winter time. They are inexpensive and do the trick.

Camelback Circuit

CamelBak Circuit

This was my original go to hydration pack for running. It sits up high on the back and you don't even know it's there. The CamelBak circuit also has to front storage pouches for your chews, energy gels, or Gatorades.

Garmin HRM

For all of you hardcore data trackers, your best bet is to strap on a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM). Garmin makes pretty close to the best HRM for the price. HRMs are more accurate at tracking your heart rate during exercise when compared to a smartwatch.

NordicTrack T Series Treadmills (6.5S, 6.5Si, 7.5S, 8.5S, 9.5S Models)

This veristile treadmill has all of the bells and whistles you'll need for a personal treadmill. The best part is that it folds up for easy storage.

Trail Buddy - Trekking Poles

2-pc Pack Adjustable Hiking or Walking Sticks

Plus Size Runner Logo

Plus Size 

Running Gear!

If you're a plus size runner you have to check out my brand new website dedicated to plus size runners. I give detailed reviews on clothing and running shoes specifically for plus size runners. You will be impressed!

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