What Is Cross-Training For Runners - feature

What Is Cross-Training For Runners?

No matter how much anyone loves running, going through the motions, and repeating the same routines for too long can produce negative results. Passionate runners can find themselves losing their love for the activity, while their bodies could suffer from ailments like repetitive stress injuries or a lack of improvement Read More

what is a marathon - aerial view

What is a Marathon?

If you enjoy running, you may have entertained the idea of running a marathon. If you aren’t a runner, you might think a marathon is just running for a certain distance until you cross a finish line. So what is a marathon really? A marathon is simply a long-distance race Read More

How Long Does It Take To Run A Marathon

How Long Does It Take to Run a Marathon?

The marathon race/distance originated to celebrate the run of Pheidippides, a Greek soldier who ran from the battle of Marathon to Athens, coming to tell of the victory. It is run over a distance of 26.2 miles or 42.1 kilometers and a common question is “How long does it take Read More

Which Mile Is The Hardest During A Marathon Race

Which Mile is the Hardest During A Marathon?

Just saying the word “marathon “brings on a flood of excitement, exhaustion, and sometimes pure dread. Some miles during a marathon are more difficult than other miles. Which mile tends to be the hardest mile during a marathon race? For most runners, the hardest mile during the marathon is between Read More

How Many Miles Do Marathoners Run

How Many Miles (Kilometers) do Marathoners Run?

When training for a Marathon there are so many questions one has regarding training schedules and so much differing information out there.  Here we provide you with correct answers to the most common questions. Marathoners run on average between 80 and 120 miles (128 – 19 kilometers) per week to Read More

Why Did I Gain Weight During Marathon Training

Why Did I Gain Weight During My Marathon Training?

You may have started marathon training with the intention of losing weight. But sometimes the opposite can happen. Marathon training can actually make you gain weight by either increasing water retention, increasing muscle mass, or by making you want to eat more. Training for a marathon involves a lot of Read More

why are marathons expensive

Why Are Marathons So Expensive?

Marathons are great fun and an excellent way to get in shape. Running just over 26 miles will test anyone’s willpower and ability to commit to something. Many marathons are organized in order to raise money for charity and/or organizations that help others.  But, why are marathons so expensive? Marathons Read More

What Should I Wear For My Marathon Race

What Should I Wear For My Marathon Race?

When you’re training for a marathon, picking out the right outfit shouldn’t be the first thing on your mind. The answer to the question ‘what do I wear for my marathon race?’ is a complicated one. Finding the right clothing, with a balance between temperature and comfort is key. Of course, Read More

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