Half Marathons For Beginners

Best Energy Gels for Half Marathons
half marathon energy gel

Honey Stinger Non-Organic Energy Gels – Review For Half Marathons

How I rated the gels: I broke down each brand’s product line into organic vs non-organic and then any additional differences such as the type of energy gel. Instead of writing a review on every single flavor, I commented on the flavor within each category. Since there are so many different

half marathon energy gels

Honey Stinger Organic Energy Gels – Review For Half Marathons

Honey Stinger Organic Gels Review   Energy availability The energy took a little bit longer to quick in when compared to other gels (about 4 minutes longer) Energy duration (30-minute test) This gel hit the mark with keeping my energy level up for the 30-minute test. I was able to

Can I Run A Half Marathon

Can I Run a Half Marathon?

Can I Run a Half Marathon? The half marathon, unlike the full marathon, takes less training time. Not only does a half marathon require a decreased training cycle but the sheer training is far less demanding on your body both physically and mentally. It’s a common question to ask yourself,

Half Marathon Recovery

Half Marathon Recovery – Ten tips to help you recover faster

Half Marathon Recovery If you’ve spent weeks training for your half marathon and you’ve crushed your race – Congratulations! It’s time to celebrate and wind down for a week or so before heading back out to the training trenches. Both your mind and body need a break from the rigorous

No Tie Shoelaces

Best No Tie Shoelaces

No Tie Shoelaces For Running Your race is going better than expected. Everything is in sync. Energy is endless, strumming you along the road to a new personal best. Something is tugging on your mind, and then you feel it. Your shoelaces unravel, and they are whipping your legs. A