Half Marathons For Beginners

What Should I Eat Before A Half Marathon

What Should I Eat Before A Half Marathon?

Not only do new runners sometimes struggle with their long runs, but they also have trouble nailing their nutrition and fueling for a successful half marathon. Based on my own experience, one of the biggest reasons why is that it differs from runner to runner. While following a training schedule


102 Half Marathon Tips For Beginners

Running a half marathon is no easy feat, make sure that you’re ready to tackle race day with these half marathon tips for beginners. First time half marathon runners should primarily focus on finishing the race before the race cut-off times. Here are 102 half marathon tips for beginners to

Can you walk a half marathon in 4 hours

Can You Walk a Half Marathon in 4 Hours?

Whether you’re a seasoned walker, runner, or brand new exerciser, deciding to walk a half marathon is a big undertaking. More and more new walkers and runners are jumping into the sport of walking in order to live a more healthy lifestyle. One of the most common questions asked by

Why is running so hard - feature

Why is running so hard? 35 tips to make your runs easier!

Whether you’re new to running or experienced there are days when we find running to be hard. Finding running hard and difficult is more closely associated with new runners starting out, however, experienced runners can get a case of the “I don’t feel like running today” as well. Why is

should I carry water for a half marathon

Should I Carry Water For a Half Marathon?

Either you’re just starting out in your half marathon training or you’ve reached a long run exceeding the needed amount of water one bottle will carry. Eventually, you’ll need to answer the question, “should I carry water for a half marathon?” Should I carry water for a half marathon? Carrying