Complete buying Guide To Running Shorts

Complete Guide To Buying Running Shorts

There are many factors to consider when buying running shorts, including style, material, length, and any additional features you may want or need. Not all running shorts are built the same, and choosing ones that work for you is essential. When you understand the reasons that running shorts are built Read More

Best Balance And Stabilization Exercises For Runners

The best balance and stability exercises can improve running performance and prevent accidents and injuries. When your body and brain are trained for steadiness in motion, the impact of your foot strikes is absorbed more efficiently, reducing overuse injury risk and boosting the ability to restore your balance without a Read More


7 Tips To Help Minimize Being Self-Conscious While Running

If you want to take up running but you’re conscious about your weight, you might be facing some serious challenges. Many people who would love to run also feel that they are “too fat” to be runners and that they look foolish. That’s not easy to deal with, so we’ve Read More

12 Ideal Qualities To Look For In A Running Buddy/Partner

Having the determination to start a running program can itself be a tedious first step. Simply starting a new routine can be a major life change from your normal activities. As you progress through your new way of treating your body, you may face struggles and a lack of motivation. Read More


What Is The Mediterranean Diet – Is It Good For Runners?

First of all, what is the Mediterranean diet? This is the food generally eaten by people in the Mediterranean region, and it consists of lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and plenty of olive oil. While meat and dairy are still usually eaten, they are reduced compared with the Read More


What Is Emotional Eating And How To Break The Habit?

Do you reach for food when you’re feeling emotional? Many of us reach for food when we want comfort, support, or even to reward ourselves. And when we seek out food for emotional reasons instead of physical hunger, we tend to grab unhealthy food. Emotional eating is a form of Read More

When To Run Through Pain And When To Call It Quits

When To Run Through Pain And When To Ease Off From Running

Running is a great activity and very healthy exercise, but sometimes you’ll find something hurts, and it’s important to know when to run through pain and when to call it quits (pertaining to running). If you don’t know when to stop, you might do yourself some serious long-term damage, so Read More