How Long Does It Take To Walk A Marathon

How Long Does It Take To Walk A Marathon?

So many people have added finishing a marathon to their bucket list. If you’re like me I wanted to complete a marathon at some point in my life. Although this is an enduring feat, with the proper guidance and training you can accomplish this goal. How long does it take Read More

Benefits Of Wearing Compression Socks

Benefits of Wearing Compression Socks For Runners

No matter your age, level of athleticism, or goals, in the running world, you have may have heard of compression socks. Some runners use them and swear by them, while others don’t believe they give any benefits at all. While there evidence on both sides of the story I’ll try Read More


What Is A Recovery Run?

Recovery runs used to be a bit of a “secret weapon” that only the elite runners worldwide practiced consistently. Today, though, pretty much every serious running coach recommends recovery runs to rest, recover, and restart your body. This allows your body to get back into gear after pushing yourself faster Read More

10K to Half Marathon Training Plan

10K to Half Marathon Training Plan

So you’ve completed your first 10K or your simply bored of 10Ks and want to push yourself on to the next big race – the half marathon. While a 10K (6.2 miles) is no small running distance it doesn’t quite live up to the more than double distance of the Read More

Best Ultramarathon Shoe

Best Ultramarathon Shoe

Running an ultramarathon requires both physical as well as mental strength. To run a long distance, one has to overcome the monotonous and discomfort of logging stacks and stacks of miles. It is essential to choose the right running shoes for running ultramarathons.Determining which ultramarathon shoe is the best pick Read More

What Should I Wear If I Run In The Rain?

When we are full of energy, we feel good, and even the most boring commitments become much more manageable. The reason is simple: the human body is meant to enjoy nature and exercising including walking and running. Running builds muscles brings happiness, and fills us with energy. Activities such as Read More

Top Tips To Help You Finish Your First 5K Race - feature

21 Ultimate Tips For Your First 5K Race!

Running your first 5k race should be fun. The mere fact that it’s your initial foray into road racing means you have already started down the path as a full-fledged runner. The mere thought that you decided to put words and thoughts into action and train for your first 5k Read More

8 Week 5K Training Plan For Beginners

8 Week 5K Training Plan With Pace Chart

Running a 5K race is a manageable and achievable distance. Even if you are a new runner, by following the right training plan, you should be able to run a 5K within a few months. Your age and fitness level are the main factors that affect the speed and finish Read More

4 Week Half Marathon Training Schedule

4 Week Half Marathon Training Plan

Are you in a crunch to knock out your next half marathon, but don’t have 12 weeks to train? Check out this 4-week half marathon training plan for advanced runners. Preparing for the 4-week half marathon training First and foremost, this advanced 4 week half marathon training schedule is recommended for runners Read More

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