15 Tips On How To Improve Your Mental Strength When Running

15 Tips On How To Improve Your Mental Strength When Running

Running is a pastime loved by many and despised by others. But one thing is objectively true, running is a great activity for your physical, mental, and emotional health. Many beginners struggle to get into the habit of running or can’t seem to maintain the resilience to continue. At the Read More

Is Running On A Treadmill Physically Bad For You?

Treadmills have become a good choice for gym rats and a wide variety of athletes mainly because you get to exercise indoors away from the weather elements. Many runners use treadmills in the wintertime when it’s next to impossible to get outside to exercise due to inclement weather. When training Read More

What Is A Running Club

What is a running club? How can it benefit my running?

Have you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to run with a group of others that were like-minded and shared the same interests as you? This is the definition of a running club both formal and informal. So actually what is a running club? A running club, sometimes known Read More

How To Attach A Race Bib Without Safety Pins (Simple Quick Hack)

Traditionally, runners secure their running bib to their clothes using safety pins. However, more and more runners, cyclists, and other athletes are looking for alternatives to safety pins since they ruin clothes. If you are one of these athletes looking for pin alternatives, you have come to the right place. Read More


Running self defense ring ( Is Go-Guarded Legal ? )

In many cities, runners are afraid of being attacked while on their daily jog. To help runners feel more confident and safer, many self-defense products have been created for runners specifically, such as the Go-Guarded Self-Defense Ring. Although Go-Guarded Self-Defense Rings may sound good in theory, are they legal, effective, Read More


Do you wear underwear under running tights? Will Chafing Occur?

Nowadays, there are various different options as to what to wear while out running, though an increasingly popular choice is running tights. They’re comfortable, they can help with performance and they look good. However, do you wear underwear under running tights? The question is a little trickier than you might Read More