20 Reasons To Run A Marathon

20 Reasons to Run a Marathon

Whether you have been running your entire life or someone who is new to the game, marathons can be a great goal to set for yourself. Running a marathon, although challenging, can add so many great benefits to your life socially, mentally, and physically.

There are marathons set up all over the world, bringing all walks of life together to support many different causes. People come to these runs to raise money and bring awareness to medical issues, natural disasters, children’s hospitals, animal shelters, etc. People run for so many different reasons. It doesn’t matter what the reason is along as you set forth, train, and accomplish your goal.

Here we put together a list of 20 reasons to run a marathon; which one will inspire you?

1. Self Confidence

There is something about that feeling of hitting the finish line. Whether it is the first time or the hundredth, there is nothing more confidence-boosting than knowing you were able to run 26.2 miles at one time.

Looking in the mirror and saying, “I did it.” is a great reason to consider taking this challenge head-on.

2. Exercise

Sometimes it is challenging to find something that motivates you to get off the couch and make a healthy change in your life. Not having the time or reason to exercise is a common excuse for many people.

Taking on the challenge of training for a marathon will give you plenty of reason to hit the pavement for a few hours a week and get you pumped about your upcoming run.

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3. To help Others-Charity

Many charities utilize marathons to make money for their causes. Marathons also help provide awareness for these charities.

Whether you are passionate about shelter animals or fighting a terrible disease that has affected a family or friend, find a charity that means something to you and run for a cause.

4. Boasting Right

As kids, our parents taught us that we should never brag. However, we didn’t listen then, so why should we start now? And why shouldn’t you?

Getting through an entire marathon will give you bragging rights for months. After you cross that line, takes tons of post-marathon pics, and splash them all over social media, you deserve it.

5. See New places

Once you get more into it, you will start to notice that marathons are held all around the world. Use this time to go site seeing locally or in another state. Visit places you may never have thought of going to before, and you may find something unique about each spot.

6. Meet New People

In the busy world we live in, it can be tough to meet new people who have the same interests as we do. Running in marathons bring like-minded people together, especially if you run in the same communities or groups.

Once you make a new running buddy, you can motivate each other to stick with it and train together.

7. Start up a Collection

Most marathons give out medals at the end. We can not think of a better item to collect than as many marathon medals as you can get. Showcase them to your friends and family and be proud.

There are tons of runs out there, some even being virtual, and they all offer fun and unique designs in their medals.

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8. Test Yourself

Sometimes we all need a little push that makes us uncomfortable to find out what our bodies and minds are capable of achieving.

If you have run a 5k or a half-marathon and don’t think you have what it takes to go all the way, just try. Test yourself to see what a superstar you really are.

9. Improve Your health

Have you felt sluggish lately? Did you notice you have put on some extra pounds? Training for a marathon is a great way to get your heart pumping, blood circulating, and calories burning.

Once you start running regularly, you will notice your energy increases, and you will feel good from head to toe.

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10. Bucket List

Many people who have bucket lists filled out with all their futures goals and accomplishments they hope to achieve one day will have “run a marathon” somewhere on that list.

Running in a marathon may be one of the more manageable goals to chase down and may inspire you to move onto others once you check it off.

11. Beat the Odds

You don’t need to be an athlete to run in a marathon. Actually, many people who have suffered from disease, illnesses, or disabilities will run in marathons to prove to themselves and others they can still accomplish anything with hard work and perseverance. Running in a marathon helps everyone beat the odds.

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12. Make Memories

Every marathon you run in can be a potential scrapbook project that will create memories that last a lifetime. Take pictures of your run, your new friends, the camaraderie between runners and put them all into a book that holds an experience you will never forget.

These scrapbooks will bring back some good memories and warm feelings every time you open them up.

13. Create Bonds

Another great reason to run in a marathon is to use it as a way to spend time with someone you love. Run with a family member or friend that you want to spend more time with. Crossing a finish line hand in hand can create strong bonds and bring people together.

14. Prepare for an ultra marathon

Well, if you think running 26.2 miles is a challenge, try going for the ultra marathons 32+ miles.

Why should the excitement stop once you reach the end of an average marathon? Run multiple marathons throughout the year to build up your endurance so you can tackle the ultra marathon at least one time in your life.

15. Find yourself

It’s easy to lose yourself in life. Being a parent, a colleague, a spouse can take up a lot of your time and energy, and it’s hard to just do something for you.

Training for a marathon gives you a lot of time to think about your dreams and aspirations while giving you some personal time.

16. Enjoy Training…Alone

2020 has been a hard time for everyone, and 2021 doesn’t look like it will be much easier. It isn’t always easy to find alone time to enjoy some silence, listen to music, or get lost in your favorite podcast.

Running in a marathon gives you all the reasons you need to leave the house for a while and take some time for yourself.

17. Excuse for a vacation

Have you been looking for a good excuse to vacation in Disney World or spend a weekend in Boston? Just look up the dates for their annual marathons and plan a family trip around those days.

Utilize racing as a chance to vacation in places you could never have imagined going to before.

18. Win Prizes

Nothing motivates quite like a good prize. Most marathons will award prizes for runners who place in the race. Sometimes the prizes are small gift cards to local vendors. Other times you could win large sums of money or even vacations.

Depending on which marathons you choose to race in, you could receive a prize that makes all that hard work pay off.

19. Inspire Others

In a world full of hard times, do what you can to encourage and inspire others. Be the person who doesn’t just say that you want to run a marathon but actually do it.

You will be amazed at how many other people you could inspire to get up and try it themselves.

20. Buy new clothes

One of the best things to come out of working from home is the ability to spend your day in comfy clothes. Luckily, there is little out there more comfortable than running pants and a tank top or teeshirt.

When you are running in or training for a marathon, you will have a great reason to go out and purchase even more comfy clothes to run in and maybe even to wear to your home office.

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20 Reasons To Run A Marathon