How to track Walk/Run Intervals during your running sessions

When you’re first starting to run, you need to take it slow. The best approach for the long haul is to ease your way into running. One of the biggest problems that new runners encounter quite frequently is running too much too soon. By using a run/walk technique, you’re able to slow down your running and slowly yet safely grow into a long-term runner. Here are a few different apps and devices that can help take your running career off in a safe direction.

I personally use the Garmin 235.   Prior to the Garmin 235, I used the Vivo Active 3.

I switched over due to the VO2 Max feature as well as some other advanced functionality. Both will alert you when it’s time to run and then walk. This can be set up however long you want each one to be.

The apple watch 2 and beyond is another great choice to track run/walk techniques. Apple has an app that is used with or without the watch called, Intervals Pro – Workout Timer – FourthFrame Technologies,

This app is highly rated and seems to do the trick.


How to implement an easy to follow walk/run interval training schedule

The real key to starting out is to progress weekly like the following example:

Week 1 (3 days a week):  Walk 4 minutes / Run 1 minutes for a total of 20 minutes each day

Week 2 (3 days a week):  Walk 3 minutes / Run 2 minutes for a total of 20 minutes each day

Week 3 (3 days a week):  Walk 2 minutes / Run 3 minutes for a total of 20 minutes each day

Week 4 (3 days a week):  Walk 1 minute / Run 4 minutes for a total of 20 minutes each day

If you’re struggling with walk/run interval training to kick start your running

If any week seems too much then dial it back however much you need to. You can go as far as Walk 9 minutes run 15 seconds. (I think 15 seconds is the minimum interval). The big picture is to keep you running safely for a long time to come. Too many runners get injured too quickly because they jump in with goals that are too ambitious.

Another idea is to create a simple goal. Trying to run just 1 mile is a simple enough goal. If you want a rock-solid plan check out this post: How To Run 1 Mile When you’re out of shape.

Coach Scott is a published author and RRCA certified running coach (Level 2). He has published over 20 books including, Beginner's Guide to Half Marathons: A Simple Step-By-Step Solution to Get You to the Finish Line in 12 Weeks! (Beginner To Finisher Book 3), which has become an Amazon International #1 bestseller. Scott specializes in helping new runners become injury-free race finishers. He recently completed his 14th half marathon race. 

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