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Best No Tie Shoelaces

No Tie Shoelaces

No Tie Shoelaces For Running

No Tie Shoelaces

Your race is going better than expected. Everything is in sync. Energy is endless, strumming you along the road to a new personal best. Something is tugging on your mind, and then you feel it. Your shoelaces unravel, and they are whipping your legs. A volley of curses flows out of your mouth as you stop to tie your shoelaces. It’s time for a better solution! No tie shoelaces are the only path to take when it comes to running shoes.

I discovered the need for lock laces when I ran my first 10K in 2016. At mile 5 my shoelaces came unraveled. I decided to keep running. After another 100 meters, my rhythmic gait started to cause my shoelaces to whip me in the back of the leg which started to slow me down.

When I slowed down to a stop my body didn’t want to cooperate and bend over to tie my shoes (if you’ve ever come to a dead stop after running 5 miles you know what I mean). I had to plod on a little longer and find a handy tree to lean against to tie my shoelaces. This probably cost me about 2 minutes off of my chip time considering slowing down, failing on the first attempt to tie my shoes, and then slowing down due to the constant whipping of my shoelaces to find a tree to lean against.

Time to ditch the old conventional shoelaces

Sound familiar? Loose shoelaces were one of my biggest pitfalls during my first half marathon races. After two half marathons, I convinced myself that there had to be something better than conventional standard laces. I was right. After I researched for a short amount of time, I stumbled upon a company called Lock Laces. The design is simple and figuring out how to install the shoelaces is easy. I spent a total of five minutes on each shoe to get them installed. I now use Lock Laces on all of my running shoes. One pair of Lock Laces has battled through three half-marathons and one full marathon, as well as 30 miles per week of running. Pictured above are my orange Lock Laces on my Nike Free RN shoes. Bonus, you can wash them as well.

No tie shoelaces work on your kid’s shoes too!No Tie Shoelaces

My ten-year-old son should be tieing his shoes by now. One day He asked me, “Why hasn’t someone invented better shoelaces you don’t have to tie?” Tieing your shoes is an important developmental milestone, right? At the age of twelve, he can now tie his shoes. However, he still prefers to use Lock Laces.

Reuse the no tie shoelaces

After you’ve retired a pair of running shoes, you can untie the Lock Laces and use them on your new pair of shoes. Some people will need to color coordinate. Don’t worry Lock Laces come in all different types of colors.

Every new pair of running shoes deserves a new best friend

Every new pair of running shoes I purchase I also purchase a set of Lock Laces. Actually, I got smart and bought a 3-pack because I was sure that I would want to use these on all future shoes and get a discount on the price.

Benefits of using no tie shoelaces such as lock laces:

  • inexpensive
  • waterproof
  • never lose a PR moment again
  • Easy on / Easy off

How not to lace your new lock laces!

My four year old desperately wanted to help me lace up my new shoes so I let him give me a hand. Well, let’s just say that although I did like the way he laced them, I would probably have sustained some type of injury!

No Tie Shoelaces

Looking into getting some new running shoes for your new no tie shoelaces?

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