What Is Aqua Jogging – Can It Improve My Running?

What is Aqua Jogging?

Aqua jogging is a form of exercise where the participant performs the action of running while submerged in water. It is a popular form of cardiovascular activity because it is low impact and thus, ideal as rehabilitation for injured athletes or those who find running on land too hard on their body.

When was Aqua Jogging Invented?

In 1987, the AquaJogger® Classic was invented in Oregon in the United States of America. This marked the beginning of the sport. The inventors were theorizing how to build a device that would help people both preparing for and recovering from surgeries. They were looking for a flotation device that could easily allow someone to maintain an upright position while underwater.

Who Invented Aqua Jogging?

As the AquaJogger® Classic device is how the sport began, the inventors of the device are owed the credit for the invention of the sport, itself. Dick Brown, Dianne Bedortha, and Lew Thorne collaborated to create this equipment which started aqua jogging.

Brown was training elite runners while also working at Washington State University to create a water rehabilitation program for athletes recovering from procedures. Along with Bedortha, a water exercise specialist, and Thorne, the president of Excel Sports Science, the device materialized.

Is Aqua Jogging Good for Runners?

If you’re wondering, “what is aqua jogging – can it improve my running?”, then we have your answer. Running is a wonderful activity; however, it can be very hard on one’s body. Many runners experience some type of injury throughout their life. Aqua jogging was initially invented as a solution for injured and recovering patients. So, aqua jogging can be excellent for runners who have experienced an injury. Additionally, because you are doing the same motions as running underwater, it’s not too complicated to learn how to do the sport.

Even if you aren’t injured or recovering, aqua jogging is good for runners because it offers a low-impact alternative for cardiovascular activity. The resistance of the water aids in muscle building, while the movement works the heart. It also helps to correct posture and running form. Alternating between running on land and aqua running could help your overall running performance and athleticism.

Benefits of Aqua Jogging

Aqua Jogging has a multitude of benefits, including the following.

  • Low impact
  • Improves form and posture
  • The same movement as running on land
  • Resistance from the water and cardiovascular exercise help with weight loss and toning
  • Much easier on the body than other sports
  • Strengthens the entire body
  • Takes the pressure off joints
  • The same amount of cardiovascular exercise as running in less time
  • Improved respiratory system
  • Excellent non-harmful but active workout between running workouts

Drawbacks of Aqua Jogging

  • Requires access to water
  • Requires some equipment

Where is the Best Place to Aqua Jog?

When it comes to aqua jogging, some bodies of water are better than others. For instance, a pool is likely more suitable than a lake or ocean. Simply because the bottom is flat and free of rocks or other objects that you could hurt yourself on. And the clearer the water, the better so you can ensure you have the correct form.

Further, you are ideally looking to be in water that is deep enough that you cannot touch the bottom. Standing while water jogging somewhat defeats the purpose as it limits your movement. Your entire body (neck down) should be submerged. The water creates the resistance that makes the workout effective, thus, if part of your body is not underwater, the workout becomes less effective.

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Will Aqua Jogging Help Me Lose Weight?

Yes. Aqua Jogging is very good for weight loss. Both cardiovascular workouts as well as resistance and weight training help with weight loss on their own. However, any trainer will tell you that it is the combination of the two that is most effective when trying to lose weight.

Additionally, aqua jogging is very efficient. You can aqua jog for 30 minutes and burn the same number of calories you would run for 45 minutes.

Finally, because it is low impact, you are less prone to pain or injury while aqua jogging than other sports. This will help you maintain your consistency and ultimately, lose weight and build and tone your muscle.

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What Is Some Key Aqua Jogging Workouts to Try Out?

1. Short and Even Interval Training

As with regular running, interval training is highly effective when trying to get the most out of your workout. Try sprinting 2 laps then jogging 2 laps and continuing with these sets for however long you wish to workout.

2. Timed Sets

If you have a waterproof stopwatch, try aqua jogging at maximum effort for 5 minutes and then cooling down for 3. Repeat this cycle for however long you wish to work out. The key here is to truly work at maximum effort for those 5 minutes.

3. Going Until Failure

This is a popular exercise in many HIIT, F45, cross-fit style classes. It essentially means you run until you can’t anymore. We recommend doing this in sets as well. Aqua jog at maximum effort until your body cannot anymore. Then rest and do it again.

Is Aqua Jogging Better for Your Body than Traditional Jogging?

Yes. Aqua jogging removes the common problems with traditional jogging because it is low impact. Jogging can put far more weight on some areas of the body than others. For example, traditional jogging can be tough on one’s knees, hips, and spine. The more a runner continues to run with these issues, the worse they often become. Aqua jogging provides excellent strengthening and cardiovascular exercise without the strain on the body.

What Type of Equipment Do I Need to Aqua Jog Successfully?

Another benefit to aqua jogging is that it requires little equipment. In addition to access to water (a pool, lake, ocean, etc.), you will need a flotation belt, swimsuit, and goggles (if you desire).

Are There Companies That Sell Aqua Jogging Kits?

1. AquaJogger

Aquajogger also offers various choices for jogging belts, swim shoes, and weights. Click here to check the price of the AquaJogger on Amazon.

Aqua Jogger Belt
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2. Sunlite Sports

Sunlite sports is a little bit less than Aquajogger and also offers aqua weights with their floatation belt. They offer various choices for jogging belts, swim shoes, and weights. Click here to check the price of the Sunlite Sports Aqua Fitness on Amazon.

3. SwimOutlet

SwimOutlet offers many options for swim equipment. From flotation belts to extra waterproof weights, you can find any equipment you need on their website.

Is Aqua Jogging Better for Brand New Runners or Seasoned Runners – or Does it Not Matter at All?

When it comes to aqua jogging, one’s experience with traditional running does not necessarily matter. As aqua jogging uses the same motion as traditional running, a seasoned runner may have an easier transition to the sport. They may be more comfortable with the movements and the feeling even if they are suddenly underwater. A seasoned runner is also likely to be fit and has a strong cardiovascular ability.

On the other hand, a seasoned runner may find the feeling of running underwater uncomfortable as they are used to running on land. In this sense, a brand-new runner may have an easier time as they are not familiar with running at all.

In this sense, whether one is a brand-new runner or a seasoned one does not definitively determine whether aqua jogging is better for them.

Let’s Get Jogging In The Water

Now that you know the ins and outs of aqua jogging, why not get in the pool, and try it for yourself!





What Is Aqua Jogging - Can It Improve My Running?

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