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Who Else Wants a Customized Half-Marathon Training Plan, Tailored to Your Current Fitness Level, For Less Than the Price of Dinner?


Hi, I'm Coach Scott.

I'm an RRCA certified running coach with a track record of helping 100s of runners successfully finish their races injury-free.

I specialize in helping new runners become injury-free race finishers.

New runners typically fall into 3 different categories


The "bare bones" runner

The bare bones new runner needs minimal information on a subject. Give me the quick and short of it and I'm out the door running.  


The "detailed" runner

The detailed new runner is looking for an in depth guide to navigate and pilot them to the finish line. They don't need every single thing laid out in front of them , however more knowledge couldn't hurt.


The "I need help" runner

The last type of new runner is someone that has tried running before and miserably failed or became injured. The "I need help" new runner needs someone there coaching them, offering positive feedback, and helping them stay motivated and accountable. Most of these runners need help identifying their limiting beliefs and how to over come them.

  • If you're a "bare bones" runner my 12 week customized training system is what you've been looking for. The training system cuts to the chase, eliminates the fluff, and gets you out the door training with minimum time wasted.

  • If you're a "detailed" runner my 12 week customized training plan gives you step-by- step instructions coupled with exact running strategies that will give you all of the nit and grit details you need to complete your first half marathon.

  • If you're a "I need help" runner I've covered everything from what gear you need, injury-prevention strategies, fueling strategies, and absolute zero guess work on your daily and weekly training requirements.

I've been down the marathon and half marathon highway 14 times and I'm still currently running to this day - injury-free.

I know the mental toughness and physical preparedness needed to cross the finish line. 

Let's face it, sometimes we need just a little bit of extra help to start your running career on the right foot.

There is nothing more gratifying than hearing another success story of someone using my system to complete their first race. 

Out of the hundreds of runners that have followed my system, several of them have gone on to outpace me and smash my personal records.

Every time I hear a success story from one of my clients I get overwhelmed with joy.

Even though I didn't run the race for them, I would like to think that something I created helped them in the littlest way to cross that finish line. Something happens to you mentally after you cross your first finish line.

When you cross that finish line obstacles and life challenges tend to look much less difficult. Your mindset changes, and mentally you want to take on bigger tasks and greater experiences with what time you have left on earth.

For some of you who aren't there yet, I know it sounds kind of hokey. I wish I could put you in my shoes the first time I crossed the half marathon finish line. The feelings of joy and triumph are still with me to this day.

So many people start running and give up because they don't know how to start properly. They don't take the time to use the correct advise and instead become injured or worse  - they quit running for life.

Don't become another failed running statistic!

I've seen close friends give up and quit. Most of the time the reason they failed wasn't really their fault. I've had several readers tell me that they've tried running before and they end up quitting. Others find the available information on running overwhelming and don't know where to start.

Sometimes the information can be too technical and sometimes too complicated.

For new runners complication is the last thing they need!

I've taken the half marathon information overload out of the equation. I've spent the last two years perfecting a true beginner's guide to half marathon.

After I released my book, Beginner's Guide to Half Marathons, I realized I could take it one step further. One more step that would take the guesswork out of half marathon training for new runners.

A customized training plan tailored to your current fitness level for the price of dinner.


Discover why the majority new runners are confused and overwhelmed when running their first half marathon…and how my system cuts through all the junk, giving you easy-to-follow weekly and daily routines customized to your current fitness level.   

Stop wasting your time trying to guess how fast each run should be.

Many outdated training systems claim you have to run for 6 months to a year to train for a half marathon. My system can help a new runner complete a half marathon, injury-free, within just 12-weeks.

No guesswork on how fast you should run each day.

Give me just 5 to 8 hours a week over 4 days, and you too will crush your half marathon dream and add a check mark to a long-awaited, bucket list item.

Have you failed or given up before?  If so, this systematic 12-week plan can pave a winning success path to live your dream, cross that finish line, and finally collect that shiny medal.

Why running too FAST, especially on your longer runs, can cause you to give up and QUIT…and how my system gives you the correct pace for your current fitness level (this is a devastating mistake even made by experienced runners).

SAVE hundreds of dollars with my customized 12-week training system (the minimum fee most coaches charge for an individual training plan like this).

Why most training systems and running books overwhelm new runners with non-essential training techniques such as speed work, tempo runs, and intervals which sabotage your chances of finishing your first half-marathon (take it from someone who has completed 13 half marathons and helped hundreds of others do the same).

Did you know that running a half marathon is about 60% physical and 40% mental (discover how to tell your inner critic to “SHUT UP!” and get out of your way).

WARNING: Over training is one of the leading causes of injury among running athletes. My 12-week training system may have you running LESS than you expect, because that’s one of the keys to staying injury-free for the rest of your life.

One of the hidden benefits of half-marathon training is how you can melt away pounds by following a few simple rules (I lost 6 pounds in 12 weeks on my first half-marathon without really even trying).

How a “secret technique” can help you complete even the toughest runs during your training and especially finish the race even if you feel like giving up.


Discover the number one reason why most new runners fail to complete their first half-marathon (often even multiple times) and how my system eliminates this danger.

How to finish a half-marathon at any age.  This system makes it happen (one of my testimonials is 77 years young…and I’m expecting even older soon).

Meg K.

"Yes how wonderful. Amazing book really gave me insight and education on top of my training. This is a photo of my most recent race where I came in 1st place for my age group." - Meg K.

Karen K.

Motivating beginner books! I was able to use his mindset strategies when I didn't feel like running. The guide taught me to tell yourself I can run a half mile then another mile. Before I knew it I was running 6 and 7 mile long runs!" - Karen K.

Louise F.

"I’m running my first half marathon a week from today. I started to run in August just six months ago. Never ran before in my life but I’m active. I bought this book and followed it to a t. Let’s see how it goes next week!!! (two weeks pass before the next post) I did it! Thanks to your book. I will be running my next one in just 8 weeks. The NYC half. So excited!" - Louise F.

Running coaches can easily charge upwards of $200+ for customized training plans and coaching services. This alone could end up costing you hundreds of dollars out of pocket.

I've taken the time to build one of the easiest to follow new runner training programs on the market.

My guide drills down to the nitty-gritty details of daily routines both mentally and physically in order to help you finish your first race injury-free.


Purchase your exclusive, customized per pace, 12-week training schedule today!

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