Do you wear underwear under running tights? Will Chafing Occur?

Nowadays, there are various different options as to what to wear while out running, though an increasingly popular choice is running tights. They’re comfortable, they can help with performance and they look good.

However, do you wear underwear under running tights? The question is a little trickier than you might think but, ultimately, the choice is yours. Underwear under running tights can help prevent chafing and offer better support, but they can also ride up and cause discomfort, plus they’re adding an extra layer of clothing.

Here, we will look at the benefits and drawbacks of wearing underwear under running tights and look in more detail at the various different options you have for what to wear on your lower body while running.

Do most runners wear underwear under their running tights?

Underwear is a pretty personal issue, so it can be hard to know what the majority of runners do when it comes to running tights as it really comes down to personal preference. Some people will prefer the support and added hygiene of wearing underwear under running tights while others will find it more restrictive and would rather run “commando.”

The key is to find what works for you – try running with underwear under your tights and try it without to see what feels better.

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Do most runners skip running tights and just wear shorts?

Again, this is a personal choice and usually comes down to comfort. In the summer months when it’s warmer, more people would tend to wear shorts to stay a little cooler whereas in the winter, running tights are likely to be more popular.

That being said, more and more people are opting for tights year-round. Part of this is down to the current trend of wearing running tights, but they can also have performance benefits as well, particularly if they’re compression tights. These help stimulate blood flow in your legs, meaning the muscles get more oxygen and can work harder.

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Are running tights worn in the winter or summer more?

As mentioned above, you’re more likely to see running tights in the winter than you are in the summer because they cover your entire leg and the tight material helps to keep warmth in. That’s not to say, people, particularly women, don’t wear them in the summer as well, though.

Some people just like the look and feel of running tights and so will wear them in all sorts of weather, as they are designed to be able to do so.

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Is it better to wear running shorts with an underwear liner built-in?

This question is slightly more relevant to men, as they’ll need more support around their crotch while running and an underwear liner provides this, removing the need for underwear. These shorts are aimed at those who would rather not wear underwear while running, because they still allow for breathability and airflow but they also keep things supported. Plus, they can reduce your washing!

Benefits of wearing underwear under your running tights

One of the main benefits is the support provided by the extra layer of clothing. The areas covered by underwear often benefit from having some sort of support structure while you’re running to prevent too much movement.

In some instances underwear can also help reduce chafing. The material of some running tights may irritate your skin slightly, so underwear would add a layer of protection against this and prevent any pain or discomfort.

Some people choose to wear underwear under their running tights for hygiene reasons, as well. You might find that you won’t need to wash your tights as often if you’re wearing underwear while you run, plus underwear can also prevent some bodily fluids from coming into contact with the tights.

Drawbacks of wearing underwear under your running tights

It can be uncomfortable to wear underwear underneath running tights, as it’s adding an extra layer underneath an already tight-fitting piece of clothing. Some people often find that their underwear rides up under their rights while they’re running, which can cause a lot of discomforts.

In warmer weather, it’s also going to make you even hotter while running if you’ve added another layer of clothing by opting for underwear underneath your tights.

Plus, without underwear, there is more breathability and airflow underneath the running tights, which many people find to be more pleasant while running.

It’s also worth considering the look; as running tights stick so close to your legs, there’s a good chance that the outline of your underwear will show through. While some people won’t be too bothered about this, others might be conscious of the issue.

Does wearing underwear under your running tights cause chafing

It certainly can cause chafing, but it will be different for each person. Everyone’s skin is different, and some will experience chafing with underwear and some will experience it without. However, the seams and edges of underwear can be prone to rubbing against the skin and causing discomfort, so that is something to keep in mind.

Underwear can sometimes help to reduce chafing, though, particularly between your inner thighs, which are likely to rub against each other while you run. This can also depend on the material of your running tights.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, the choice of whether or not to wear underwear under your running tights is completely up to you and will often come down to preference and personal experience. Underwear can help provide support while you’re running and sometimes reduces chafing.

However, running without underwear allows for more breathability and can make running a more comfortable experience when wearing running tights. Plus, the tights do not leave much room underneath for underwear, so they will tend to rise up and cause a wedge when you’re active.

Your best bet is trial and error; try running with underwear and without to see what works best for you and be sure to take into consideration the benefits and drawbacks of wearing underwear under your running tights.

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Do you wear underwear under running tights? Will Chafing Occur?

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