Should You Own Two Pairs Of Running Shoes And Switch Them Out?

You have probably already heard that you should have two pairs of running shoes on the go at any one time and that you should replace a pair as soon as they wear out. However, this may not be so practical for you. So, should you own two pairs of running shoes and switch them out?

Owning two pairs of running shoes does have some significant advantages, but if you’re just starting out with running, you might find it better to stick to a single pair for the time being. Some people also prefer to use one pair because they have a favorite or something similar.

Drawbacks Of Only 1 Pair Of Running Shoes

So, what are the downsides if you only have one pair of running shoes? Well, firstly, your shoes won’t last as long. Running shoes do need to be replaced from time to time to ensure they are supporting your feet while you run, and if you only have one pair, you’ll need to replace them frequently.

You also won’t be able to give your feet a break from one pair if they begin to rub, because you won’t have a secondary pair to swap to. This may result in more blisters or fewer days when you feel up to running.

You might suffer from more injuries as a result of never changing your running shoes. Different pairs of shoes will support your feet in different ways, so if you change the pairs regularly, you are less likely to get injuries from a lack of support in one place.

Benefits Of Only 1 Pair Of Running Shoes

Obviously, buying just one pair of running shoes is cheaper than buying two at the same time. You will have to pay double the amount if you want two pairs, and one pair will often suffice. If you are just getting started as a runner, this can be prohibitively expensive and may put you off the sport entirely.

Another benefit is that you won’t have to choose which pair to pack or feel like you should take both if you travel to run. You will just have one pair, keeping it simple and straightforward, and minimizing the clutter you need to take when you travel – or store at home!

A single pair of shoes makes your life simpler, without any need to choose between which to take or problems with one pair being out of action when you need them the most.

Drawbacks Of 2 Pairs Of Running Shoes

The biggest disadvantage of having to buy two pairs of running shoes is obviously the cost. If you only buy a single pair, you have much lower costs, and this is particularly important if you are just getting started with running, and you aren’t sure if you’ll enjoy it.

You also have a chance to find out what kind of shoe suits you, or to identify any drawbacks. This will make your next buying decision go much better, as you’ll be able to tell what is and isn’t good about your current shoes, and select a better option next time.

A smaller disadvantage is that you will have to find somewhere to store the shoes at home. While that may not be a problem if you’ve got plenty of space, more and more people are living in cramped apartments and every inch is important. Two pairs of shoes take up more space than one pair and will need storing, airing, and drying properly.

Benefits Of 2 Pairs Of Running Shoes

There are lots of advantages to having two pairs of running shoes. The first is that it extends the life of your shoes significantly because you can alternate between the pairs and this means they don’t wear out as fast. Although more expensive up front, you won’t have to buy another pair for some time.

The biggest advantage of having two pairs of running shoes is that they minimize stress on your joints. Rotating your shoes reduces your risk of injury because it alters where the load is applied and can help to reduce repetitive strain and impact damage.

You may also find that different shoes are best for different speeds. If one pair offers more cushioning and support, it will be perfect for your slower recovery runs, giving your feet and your muscles a break.

For a fast race, on the other hand, you might make sacrifices on your protection and support in order to get a very lightweight shoe that will grant you the best possible time. Being able to swap shoes lets you alter your approach to fit with the circumstances.

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Having different pairs of running shoes is often considered a good thing, but don’t think you cannot run unless you get two pairs of shoes. While you will benefit from being able to change your footwear, you can still make a start on this sport with just one pair.

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Should You Own Two Pairs Of Running Shoes And Switch Them Out?

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