How To Attach A Race Bib Without Safety Pins (Simple Quick Hack)

Traditionally, runners secure their running bib to their clothes using safety pins. However, more and more runners, cyclists, and other athletes are looking for alternatives to safety pins since they ruin clothes.

If you are one of these athletes looking for pin alternatives, you have come to the right place. In this article, we look at the facts about attaching running bibs to your clothes with pins and offer four alternatives that allow you to attach your bib without using safety pins.

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The Facts About Attaching Running Bib With Pins

Although safety pins are effective for attaching your running bib to your clothes, they aren’t the best option for everyone. Runners and cyclists have to buy new clothes frequently because of their pins, especially alternative bib pinning options.

On the one hand, pins are one of the most convenient ways to attach a running bib to your clothes. Since many people have pins on hand in their homes, these little tools don’t require additional runs to the store or much effort.

That being said, pins are not an ideal choice for many runners because they put holes in their clothes. Especially for runners who spend good money on their running tops, they do not want to buy new shirts every year due to holes caused by the pins.

Not to mention, running with pins can lead to the pin coming undone during a race. This may force you to stop the run to put the bib back on after the loose pin pokes you.

The weight of the fastening device can cause chafing

The up and down motion of wearing a race bib while running can cause serious chafing. I know because it’s happened to me numerous times. I’m a guy and after my first marathon race, my nipples were red raw from the chafing that occurred. For more information on chafing and prevention (Bodyglide – amazon link) check out this article I wrote on chafing.

5 Ways To Attach A Running Race Bib Without Pins

Here are five alternative ways to attach a running race bib without using pins:

Product: Race Clips

Race clips are unique because they are just as effective as pins without damaging your shirt. Much like a magnet, race clips have a front and a back, and you sandwich the bib and shirt in between the two parts. You need to press the two pieces together so that they clip into place.

Although clipped into place, race clips do not actually puncture the shirt. Instead, the shirt stays between them. Race clips are notoriously strong and can even be personalized. Better yet, they do not interfere with most devices and are reusable. There are very few drawbacks to using race clips, assuming you select a reputable brand.

Race Clips For Pinning Your Bib

Race Clips – Curtsey of Amazon

Race Clips – Check Price On Amazon


  • Does not interfere with devices
  • Does not damage the shirt
  • Very strong
  • Can be personalized
  • Reusable
  • Lightweight


  • Can be pricey when you select a good brand
  • Might be a little difficult to remove

Product: Magnetic Bib Fasteners

Magnetic bib fasteners use magnets on either side of your shirt to keep your bib in place. How it works is that you sandwich your shirt and bib between two magnets. The strength of the magnets allows the bib to stay in place without puncturing the shirt at all.

Magnet bibs are ideal because they are reusable, strong, and do not damage the shirt. However, the magnetic device can interfere with GPS devices or phones, credit cards, and other devices. Not to mention, magnet bib fasteners are heavier than other products and rub your body.

Magnetic Race Bib Fastener

Magnetic Race Bib Fastener – Photo Curtsey Of Amazon

BibBits Magnetic Race Bib Fastener – Check Price On Amazon


  • Reusable
  • Does not move
  • Does not damage the shirt


  • Heaviest of the options
  • Can wipe or damage certain items (credit cards, phones, etc.)
  • Can interfere with GPS devices

Product: Race Bib Tape

Race bib tape is basically what it sounds like. It is a tape that is specifically designed to keep your bib in place on your shirt while you run. Simply put the tape on the back of the bib and then attach the bib to your shirt. It’s as easy as that!

Some runners prefer race bib tape because it does not add much more weight and does not touch your body. So, it may feel more comfortable. On the other hand, you have to continually buy more tape and certain adhesives are not strong enough for intense sweat, rain, or heat.

Race Bib Tape

Race Bib Tape – Photo Courtesy Of Amazon

Race Bib Tape – Check Price On Amazon


  • Does not interfere with any devices
  • Does not add extra weight
  • Does not damage the shirt


  • Not reusable
  • Adhesive might not stand up to intense sweat, rain, or heat

Product: Race Toggles

Race toggles are ideal for runners who like wearing their bibs on their belts. How these toggles work is that they attach around the belt loop and then through the holes on the bib. That way, you don’t have to puncture any clothes while keeping your bib fastened.

Many runners like race toggles because they are reusable, lightweight, and do not interfere with any devices or your clothing. Unfortunately, they limit where you can place the bib and are not suitable for people who want to attach it to their shirt.

Race Bib Toggles

Race Bib Toggles – Photo Courtesy Of Amazon

Race Bib Toggles – Check Price On Amazon


  • Does not interfere with any devices
  • Does not damage the shirt
  • Lightweight
  • Reusable


  • Does not connect a bib to a shirt
  • Can only be worn around the belt

Product: Running Race Number Bib Belt (All In One)


Race Bib Belt – Photo Curtsey Of Amazon

Race Bib Belt – Check Price On Amazon

Should You Ditch The Pins?

Whether or not one of the four-pin alternatives above is right for you depends on your needs. For most runners, we recommend clips because they’re reusable but do not interfere much with your running or devices. If you don’t want to use clips, magnets, tape, and toggles work too, but they have notably more drawbacks than clips.

Nevertheless, one thing that all of these alternatives avoid is damaging your shirt, making them great options if you want to connect your bib to your clothing without causing any holes.

Final Thoughts

The days of ruining your clothes while you attach your bib to your shirt with pins are no more. Thanks to clips, magnets, tape, and toggles, you can easily and safely connect your bib to your shirt without puncturing the shirt at all.

Although each one of these alternatives come with their own drawbacks, most runners are leaning towards them over pins. Because they do not damage clothes and are safe, we recommend you try them out at your next race. Although we recommend running clips specifically, you can try out any of the other alternatives if they suit your fancy better.

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