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Best Ultramarathon Shoe

Best Ultramarathon Shoe

Running an ultramarathon requires both physical as well as mental strength. To run a long distance, one has to overcome the monotonous and discomfort of logging stacks and stacks of miles. It is essential to choose the right running shoes for running ultramarathons.

Determining which ultramarathon shoe is the best pick depends on many factors such as your weight, how you run, your goals, and your shoe preferences. There isn’t specifically one best universal pair for everyone. While most of the ultramarathon shoes differ in the soul and cushion of the shoe they also vary in the width of the toe area some being more narrow and others wider.

Below, we have selected a few best of the best ultramarathon shoes to review. The three biggest factors looked at are the weight of the shoe, the cushion, and its durability for long-distance running.

Best Ultramarathon Shoe Reviews

Brooks Women's PureFlow Review


The Brooks Pureflow for women is manufactured keeping the needs of a female ultramarathon runner in mind. It offers great comfort and style. The midsole is flexible which offers the underfoot a soft feel. It assures a natural fit. It also protects the feet from any impact. You can put this agile and light shoe on and run at your pace.

This flexible and lightweight women’s shoe is specially designed for running long distances. It will definitely make you a stronger and more confident runner. Its clean design gives a flexible, light feel so you can run more efficiently and effectively. Its flexible sole absorbs the impact minimizing stress on the body.

Interestingly the Brooks Pureflows have a sock-like fit. The soft internal part of these trainers is stretch woven that allows your feet to feel unrestricted and comfortable. It has cushioning at the midsole which helps to dynamically adjust with your stride. This shoe stands out because of its unique design that helps keep your full body in alignment; the rounded heel minimizes stress on joints.

This shoe has a removable insole. They are perfect for the tread mill as well as for the long roads. Consider ordering a half size up from your normal shoe size. These shoes are made of soft fabric and are very comfortable. They are also well suited for women who spend many hours standing on their feet.

Saucony Endorphin Shift Review


The Saucony Endorphin Shift for women running shoe is a revolutionary product. It has a rubber sole. It features SPEEDROLL technology that drives you ahead with a feel of constant momentum which can edge up your speed making you run faster.

It has PWRRUN (EVA based technology) which is a cushioning feature that provides a lush yet springy experience while running. This makes it perfect to wear for any day of the week. It features a TPU heel that’s external that work in union with a rubber wrap to deliver lightweight support that keeps the feet comfortable over each stride.

This shoe features a technology called FORMFIT, which gives your foot a molded 3D comfort fit. This results in giving the foot an extremely personalized fit. It has a sandwich-mesh upper shoe that is engineering to keep the shoe breathable and light. It has high-abrasion zones that are reinforced at the outsole that provides durability and optimal traction. This shoe has a 4mm offset.

These shoes are extremely comfortable. They take an approach to make the feet stress free while running and providing the feet with a lot of cushioning. These shoes have arch support. They are true to size and not too wide. They fit perfectly and are great to wear for long periods of time. 

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Mizuno Wave Rider Review


The Mizuno Wave Rider for women running shoe is a great trainer for ultramarathons. It features a technology called Mizuno Wave. This technology is the Mizuno wave plate that scatters the force from impact to a wider area which provides a superior cushion and a more stable platform. It also increases the responsiveness of the running shoe.

This shoe features a U4ic Midsole. This technology delivers durability, a superior ride, and optimal shock reduction. This shoe is well-cushioned, extremely light, resilient, and responsive. The Waveknit design delivers exceptional stretchy material at the areas that expand the foot and also provide great support for the more restricted areas of the foot which need to be secured.

It also features Smoothride which helps create an even transition from toe to heel with every step. This shoe comes with an X10 outsole. This is a carbon rubber that’s extremely durable for longer wear. Careful refinements are made to the Mizuno’s WAVEKNIT construction to provide a very breathable, extremely comfortable, and supportive upper design.

The Wave Rider 24 features an all innovative feature of having midsole material that offers versatility in application. However, it still maintains resilience and softness. The new Mizuno energy foam in the midsole material provides 12 percent more energy return and 7 percent more cushioning.

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New Balance Beacon Review


The New Balance Beacon for men is an innovative trainer for ultramarathon runners. It is made in the USA. It is constructed using a rubber sole. Its midsole is made of foam, giving ground contact that provides a lightweight ride that is well-cushioned. It has usefully placed outsole pods on the outer sole made of durable rubber for long distance grinding.

These ultramarathon running shoes have a upper mesh material that is engineered for a zero-feel experience. It is made from material that is extremely breathable to keep your foot comfortable and cool. It features a design called Ultra Heel that hugs the back portion of the foot for a supportive and snug fit.

It is ideal for long-distance runners. It is very supportive yet lightweight. It is a durable shoe made for running that’s ideal for all types of runners. These trainers can be worn for long periods of time without experiencing pain or discomfort. It supports many different foot types, regardless of whether they are have wide or narrow feet. The rubber sole that the Beacon uses  is more durable, rugged, and grips the road because of enhanced traction.

The upper material has more longevity, and the heel cup is snug and form-fitting. This shoe helps prevent foot aches and leg fatigue.

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Nike Pegasus Turbo 2 Review


The Nike Pegasus Turbo 2 for men is a long-distance running shoe full of great features for ultramarathon runners. It is constructed using a foam sole. It has an inner sleeve (partial) from midfoot to toe to help you train longer and run  faster. It features Nike Zoomx which is an ultra-light midsole that clouts Nike’s highest energy  running – to date.

A specially engineered feature allows the heel collar to release tension away from the foot to give more support and comfort to the Achilles tendon. Its angled heel provides an even transition and improves initial touchdown.

This running shoe is agile and extremely lightweight. The innovative foam used to build this shoe offers superb responsiveness for running long distances. The synthetic material and soft mesh top used in this shoe are much lighter than other competitors. To ensure superior breathability, it has a semi-transparent coating. It has an inner lining that’s partial from the medial area to the tip and the traditional form from the heel to the medial area. 

These shoes are designed for greater speeds and distances during training and racing. These long-distance running shoes prevent joint pains and aches. They come in great colors. They provide good arch support. Their fit is true to size.

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All of these shoes are top-notch in the category for best ultramarathon shoe, whether it is a  50K event or even a week-long 250 K staged race. If you are serious with regards to running ultramarathons, you must make your best effort to find the right training shoes.

Lightweight trainers should be considered as you will be running long distances. You must also keep in mind the cushioning and protection offered by the shoes. This is to prevent any kind of pain and blisters. Depending upon the terrain you will be running on you might have to consider your shoe traction/grip higher than other factors.

All the Ultramarathon running shoes reviewed in this article are top-notch and best in class. The shoes from Brooks, Saucony and, Mizuno are all good for women who are interested in running long distances. The shoes from Brooks are not waterproof. In comparison, the shoes from Mizuno are a bit narrow and not recommended if you have a wide foot. Among these three Saucony has all the features needed and is the best.

The two shoes reviewed in this article for men are strongly recommended for ultramarathons. The New Balance shoes, as well as the Nike Pegas Turbo 2 shoes have all the required features needed by a long-distance ultra runner.

Best Ultramarathon Shoe
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