Runners Need to Breathe Deeply

Runners Need to Breathe Deeply

If you have meditated before, you are used to hearing about the terminology, “follow your breath” and “just breathe in and breathe out.” A breath is no more than an involuntary systemic response to the body exhaling unneeded carbon dioxide and breathing in the much-needed oxygen. Since breathing is inert to every human born, it makes sense to follow breathing patterns when we run.

Shallow Breathing Vs. Deep Breathing

When we run the body and mind run much more smoothly if they are locked into a pattern that allows ultimate efficiency. If you have short breaths when your run your are training your mind and your legs to run with less efficient oxygen and energy. A shallow breath runner will always run slower and less efficient than a deep breather, also known as, bottom breathing (breathing into the bottoms of the lungs). When a runner exhibits short breaths, it’s indicative of inefficient breathing and/or running fatigue.

Twelve Steps = 1 Breath Cycle

If you practice this simple example, your breathing should improve almost immediately when you run. First, a breath cycle is defined as breathing in and breathing out one time. The key is to breathe in slowly while running six steps and breathe slowly running another 6 steps. This will help refocus your efforts on running and breathing at the same time at help relax the body causing it to run more efficiently.
Can you still be a runner and exude shallow breaths? Yes, however, you could be a much better breather and runner if you focused on bottom breathing. You can think of bottom breathing as stretching your breath out on then inhale and on the exhale.
If you have trouble following a breathing cycle when running, another solution would be to try out Yoga. Many people think that Yoga is a stretching workout. At its core, Yoga enforces physical efficiency by holding poses and coupled by steady deep breathing.

Try it out

I hope this article helps you run more effiecinet. If you can streamline your breathing all of the other parts of running will jive along much easier.

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