What is a running race corral- Why are race corrals used

Why Does My Running Race Have A Corral? What is a Corral Used For?

The Importance of Running Race Corrals What is a race corral? At races, corrals group together runners based on their running history, expected pace, or estimated finish time. Corrals start the race in waves, allowing faster runners to begin ahead of slower participants which relieve overall race bottlenecking and allows Read More

How To Pack Your Suitcase For A Destination Running Race

How To Pack Your Suitcase For A Destination Running Race!

Introduction If you’re packing for a destination running race, you might be wondering what to take and how to pack it. We’re going to look at some top tips to make filling that suitcase a breeze! One: Use A List Write down everything you’re going to pack – yes, everything. Read More


What Type Of Stretching Should Runners Perform?

There are 4 main types of stretching that runners should do, but only at certain times. Some stretches can be dangerous when the muscles are cold so you need to make sure you understand your stretches, and we help you to do this below. Running is classed as a high-impact Read More


Is It OK To Run If Your Legs Are Sore (DOMS)?

Introduction If you’re a keen runner, the chances are that you’ll suffer from DOMS at points, and you may be wondering whether it’s safe and sensible for you to keep running when you are. Many runners push too hard and end up injuring themselves, but equally, if you stopped at Read More


What Happens To Your Body When You Walk More?

What happens To Your Body When You Walk More? Have you ever found yourself asking the question, “What happens to your body when you walk more?” When you increase the amount you walk, you will start noticing an increase in energy, stamina, and mood. With just 30 minutes of walking Read More


Is It Ok To Run If You’re Pregnant?

Introduction If you’re pregnant, you’re probably questioning everything in your life, and considering what may pose dangers to your unborn child. You might be thinking about exercise, and how to find the right balance between keeping yourself healthy and not overdoing it. However, if you’re wondering “is it OK to Read More


Is It Ok To Run If You’re Overweight?

Running might seem like a sport that’s way beyond you if you’re currently overweight, but the truth is that running can be a great way to strengthen your muscles, improve your breathing, and lose unwanted pounds. It’s definitely okay to run if you’re overweight! There are, of course, some things Read More


How Do I Know If I’m Overtraining?

If you keep picking up injuries, always feel tired, your performance is declining and you’re constantly feeling below par, these are all clear signs of overtraining.  It can also affect your appetite and you may find yourself losing weight or gaining weight,  and often feeling irritable. What Is Overtraining? Overtraining Read More