Determining Your VO₂ Max – No Special Equipment Required!

What is the Rockport Walk Test? The Rockport Walk Test (RWT) is a one-mile walk scientifically formulated to predict maximal oxygen uptake, referred to as VO₂ max.  Who developed the Rockport Walk Test and where was it developed? In the mid-1980s, Greg M. Kline, Robert Hintermeister, John P. Porcari, Patty Read More


Garmin Forerunner 245 Music GPS Smartwatch Review

Garmin has been at the cutting edge of adventuring and fitness smartwatches for quite some time now. As this Garmin 245 Music Smartwatch product review will show, this cycle isn’t about to break anytime soon.The company’s latest and greatest Forerunner offering is absolutely loaded with features, to the point where Read More


What Is The Run-Walk Method: All You Need To Know

What is the run-walk method? The run-walk method is a form of interval training targeted to help people either to start running or to help them prepare for and then subsequently get through long marathon training. The entire training exercise allows for strategic walk breaks between running, to allow beginners Read More


Best Hydration Water Pack For A Half Marathon or Marathon Race

Running a marathon isn’t easy no matter how fit you are. It’s a feat of great endurance. That said, it’s made much easier if you have portable water available to you while you run. Staying hydrated is one of the most important parts of completing a marathon safely. Of course, Read More


How To Find Your Running Mojo After You’ve Lost It?

If you’re a keen runner but you’re struggling to find the motivation to run, don’t worry; there’s nothing wrong with you. Many people experience a peak or a plateau at which running suddenly seems unappealing, as though there’s no reason to do it anymore. You aren’t on your own, so Read More

How Many Miles Should I Run a Week to Stay Healthy

How Many Miles Should I Run a Week to Stay Healthy?

Running between 15 and 20 miles (24.1 and 32.2 kilometers) a week is the sweet spot for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Running is a great free form of exercise that isn’t bound to a team effort. It’s a fabulous, free way to exercise, but is there such a thing as Read More

How To Get Started Running

How To Get Started Running – A Beginner’s Guide

Many of us today are looking for ways to increase our fitness, and running is an ever-popular exercise that requires little to no equipment, can be done in groups or alone, and is great for your legs and breathing. However, getting going can be a bit daunting, so that’s why Read More